What is a Bulging Disc?

What is a Bulging Disc?

Bulging disc, also knowns as a Disc Herniation, are the most common reason related to pain in the spinal area.  So what exactly is a bulging disc? It results when an intervertebral disc, which serves as a cushion between the vertebrae, loses its typical shape and compresses a spinal nerve. There are two major causes of disc herniation, and that’s from either a major or a minor trauma.

According to North American Spine, “Bulging discs occur when pressure on a spinal disc damages or breaks down the once healthy disc, causing it to compress or change its normal shape.” In many cases, Disc Bulges can come to life by age-related wearing on the bone, repetitive activity, poor posture, auto accidents, and even genetics can play a role. So how exactly does one fix this issue?

Here at Macomb Township Chiropractic and Metro Detroit Chiropractors in Ferndale, we deliver an effective treatment that helps by opening the disc space to alleviate the pressure and tension from the area. By relieving the disc pressure, this allows the irritated nerve to be reduced, which helps to subside the related pain. It also diminishes the reflex of a muscle spasm.

One specific treatment we use is called Spinal disc decompression. It creates a negative pressure within the disc, and it essentially retracts the disc herniation. To begin, we place a special harness on the upper abdomen and lower pelvis to act as a stabilizing intermittent traction. It gently separates the spine causing a pulling and release effect. When it is appropriately applied, it creates separation within the intervertebral space creating a vacuum like suction. The vacuum effect pulls the disc herniation back into the intervertebral disc space, and in return reduces the problem.

Another successful treatment we use is Intersegmental traction therapy, which is a passive motion therapy which gently moves the spinal bones. It decreases inflammation and increases spinal mobility without pain.

Like all of the different conditions we treat, we believe heavily on the effective use of ice, and heat. Ice especially, because it is used to decrease the inflammation by contracting the vessels and decreasing the nerve conduction or pain signal.


Some Disc Herniation’s may go unnoticed and show no symptoms at all. Others can irritate nearby nerves and result in pain, numbness, or weakness in an arm or leg.

Our doctors, Dr. Chris McNeil (Macomb Twp Chiropractic and Metro Detroit Chiropractors Clinic Director), Dr. Franklin Norton and Dr. Peter Andersen are no strangers when it comes to dealing with Disc Herniation. In fact, it’s one of our more common conditions we see and treat. The longer an issue gets left untreated, the longer it takes for the treatment to be effective. It’s best to come in as soon as possible, and not delay the healing process.

It’s always a good thing to come in and get checked out to see if you have a herniated disc, to prevent future problems. Visit our website www.MetroDetroitChiropractors.com to find the nearest location and call to schedule your appointment now.